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By fostering conservational interest in young people, we hope to create a better future.

Tales of Us empowers and connects children from different corners of the world, enabling them to learn about nature and the environment from each other. By facilitating the art of storytelling in authentic ways between children within remote environments, we work with communities to promote empathy and creative problem solving through peer-to-peer learning.

Our methodologies and projects create platforms that facilitate connectedness. Our purpose is to realign the inherent truth of the planet’s varied communities and eco-spheres to promote trust and foster cooperation. We hope to encourage an interest in conservational possibilities and a sense of interconnectedness within the next generation of policy makers; so they are better equipped to make the right choices about the future of our world.

Congo Tales - Kid playing on a tree


In the forest of our times, it is the children that know the way. 


The core concerns of impact productions are cultural sensitivity, sustainability and positive regional effect.

We are committed to the contribution of positive change in the communities where our projects take place. Instead of imposing our own cultural standards, we work to carry the philosophy of true impact productions. We endeavor to learn from the deep truth of diverse narratives so we can unite cultures and leave programs behind for future generations. For this reason, we take special steps to ensure our team members operate in a socially aware and ethically coherent way.

Consideration for the individuality of local structures and cultural features

Considering the individuality of local structures and cultural features

Strategic use of materials regularly available to locals

Strategically using the materials that are regularly available to locals

Employment of community members to maintain cultural richness

Employing community members to maintain cultural depth and richness

Improving quality of life for communities by encouraging creative thinking

Training support and feedback opportunities for continuous improvement

Creating platforms for untold narrativesto be told

Creating platforms for untold narratives to be told in authentic ways and settings

Congo Tales

Congo Tales Cover

The Tale So Far

Second only to the Amazon, the Congo Basin in Central Africa harbors around one fourth of the world’s rainforest. Comprising an area of 1.7 million km2, it is the second largest coherent rainforest region on earth.

Congo Tales is a revolutionary education and conservation project that uses community storytelling to create an oral history of the Congo, through the eyes of children. By increasing awareness about the environment and empowering the creativity of individuals, this project helps the adults of the future to share their stories across continents.

Congo Tales - Group of children with a teacher


As a result of our commitment to Impact Producing, our initial focus for exposure for this project is within the Congo Basin itself. Our goal is to give back to the people by igniting pride in their national heritage through exhibitions in local institutes and exhibition halls in various African countries.

We also have the great honor of being featured in the World Stage Exhibit at the Museum Barberini in Germany beginning in June 2018. Our exhibition includes a photography retrospective, a short film based on our storytelling workshops, a customized soundscape experience of the Congo, virtual reality activities for children and much more.

In addition to the initial 3-month run of our exhibition in the Barberini, we are working closely with the academic community to develop interactive educational experiences and teaching resources. Once this work is completed, universities will be able to adapt the research and exhibit this work for wider exposure and development across Europe.

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  • 22.05

    Opening Brazzaville at C.C.A.V Republic of the Congo
  • 28.05

    Opening Mbomo at Sanza Mobimba Republic of the Congo
  • 29.05

    Exhibition Mbomo Republic of the Congo
  • 29.06

    Opening Exhibition at Museum Barberini Potsdam, Germany
  • 29.06

    Book Release Online & In Store
  • 21.10

    Ending Exhibition at Museum Barberini Postdam, Germany

Our Partners

Partner: Congo Conservation Company

Congo Conservation Company is proud to pioneer eco-tourism in the Republic of Congo Odzala. Discovery Camps have provided pre-established trust and infrastructure for the project, ensuring logistical support including safe accommodation, local guides and translators.

Partner: Boom Productions

Boom Productions Inc. has proven to be a solid partner in the ’Tales of Us’ journey.  As a long time collaborator,  producer and supporter of Pieter Henket’s work, Roger Iniss has been part of his professional development for over a decade, knowing his way of working inside and out.

Partner: Storming Donkey Productions

Storming Donkey Productions chooses its projects carefully, storming passionately ahead to realize them. Whether for movies, series, or documentaries, for German, European or international audiences – when they’re convinced they’ve found a story that should be told, they’ll find the right way to tell it.

Partner: Museum Barberini Potsdam

Museum Barberini will provide two featured spaces and full exhibition support during our 3-month run starting in June of 2018. The Barberini proudly offers its full promotional capabilities, to maximize the visibility of this dynamic project and this important cause.

Glück Workshops explores the intersection of learning, interaction and play through arts and technology, as a path to strengthen creativity. The founder of Gluck journeyed several times to the Congo Basin with our team to work on character design classes with local teachers and children.

Partner: 711 seven eleven

Seven Eleven Rent is a professional photography rental company featuring top brands and high quality production equipment. They supplied our team with a state of the art package that has taken the results of the photo series to another level.

Partner: StudioKamp

Studiokamp is a music and sound design company run by composer and award-winning sound artist David Kamp. David journeyed with us into the Congo to capture the unique sounds of Odzala park, its vibrant nature, and hidden villages. Based on those field recordings, he created a multichannel soundscape composition for the exhibition space.

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The Book

“When an old person passes away, a library of knowledge burns.”
– Sanza Mobimba Teacher

Deep inside the second largest rainforest in the world, the village of Mbomo is inhabited by a diverse group of cultures. After surviving years of devastating Ebola epidemics, the “Mbomoians” now live in a peaceful coexistence. While many ‘stories from the forest’ can be found here, most of them have never before been told.

Offering a fresh yet intimate view of life inside this ecologically rich basin, the Congo Tales photo book joins a deeply moving traditional narrative through the eyes of its community with cinemographic illustration. Although years of research have gone into creating the final result of this series, the images themselves are anything but contrived.

Mainly focusing on children in their most natural form, this book provides powerful imagery of play, translating the importance of nature and conservation.


“Congo Tales is as beautiful as it is evocative, incorporating things never seen by people like us on the outside of this magical place. Every page was more stunning than the last and I couldn’t put it down.”

The Crocodile
and the Fish

Film is a beautiful, powerful medium to tell stories that need to be told.

The Crocodile and the Fish - Documentary Video Cover

Our team journeyed several times over a three-year period to the Congo Basin with a drawing and animation teacher, an education expert, the project’s producer and other researchers and partners. Together we worked with local teachers on guiding children to draw from the elements of nature and create interesting characters with which to tell stories.

Over the course of several workshops facilitated specifically for the children of Mbomo, these remarkable kids progressed from initial character creation, to creative storytelling and development. By playing with and performing their own adaptation of a traditional story – “The Crocodile and the Fish” –a short film was born as a result of these workshops. This short film will serve as one of the main aspects of our project exhibition, film festivals and educational supplements.


Giving a voice to those who have observed our work over the last few years, this ‘making of’ film, illustrates the perspective of the amazing Congolese community who let us into their homes and hearts over this 3-year journey. Comprised of the material collected over these years, this video provides an interesting look behind the screens for those who wish to learn more about the real story behind the Congo Tales.

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Our work in education and conservation takes us to some of the most magical and endangered places on the planet. These geographic exchanges allow us to follow our mission of increasing avenues for cultural awareness, conservation and community development, between cultures and continents as we realize the dream of each project. To get involved with the Congo Tales project or to get more information about other projects, please get in contact.

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Tales of Us is an ongoing cultural awareness project committed to immortalizing the hidden stories of the world. You can help us by suggesting a place or becoming a partner and collaborator for future projects. Suggest our next location in the blank below and help us to unite cultures!

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