From Deborah’s diary:

When Eva, Astrid, Pieter and Roger arrived, I already knew where and when we were going to do our next workshop: in the platform at Ngaga. It’s an amazing place in the middle of the forest, with lots of space to work and with a great atmosphere to tell stories and learn about conservation.

Aisha (the coordinator of the teachers at Sanza Mobimba) selects ten kids, the ones she thought had more inclination to creativity. We start the workshop and the kids are unusually quiet and concentrated while drawing. It gets everyone’s attention. I ask around if there’s something wrong and Aisha explains that is because they don’t want to disturb the life of the forest. Gorillas live in this area. It’s instinctive conservation.


The results are incredible and the stories are personal and spontaneous. They’re all told in Lingala, and Aisha translates for me in French. I’m fascinated by the simplicity and beauty of their stories and the strength of their first characters.